Business or private lease

With leasing, you don't have to pay a large purchase price, but only pay a small amount each month. This leaves you with more money to invest in other things. You don't have to worry about unforeseen costs and you pay an agreed fixed amount per month. With us, you are completely relieved and unburdened with flexible lease or full operational lease.

A company (electric) bicycle can come in quite handy. For example, to avoid traffic jams, get enough exercise every day and do the environment a good service. The employee does not have to buy a bicycle and you know where you stand as employer and employee. We supply Dutch A-quality bicycles; the bicycle will last for years, so it is a good investment. 


Flexible contracts

Wide range

Monthly fixed expenses

No additional charges for service and maintenance

Optional lease on consignment basis

Popular bikes

Custom build - Join us

Our custom build is about flexibility and about choices; your choice. *Design your own bike with color of your choice, logo of the company/organization, asseccoires etc. A piece of advertising for your own organization and you create your own identity.

We take stock of all wishes and possibilities in a personal and comprehensive conversation. 

*A few examples of our custom build bicycles